Bringing the music to the schools


Discover Music is an educational outreach program where ensembles of two to five musicians travel to Washoe County and regional elementary schools to perform age appropriate music assemblies. These are designed to give the students a close-up look at symphonic music through performances, demos and fun participatory activities.

The Reno Phil offers Discover Music performances to a limited number of schools (K-6) per year at no cost to the school. Schools are chosen on a first-come, first-serve basis, with preference given to schools that have not been served in the last two years, those which are designated at-risk, Title 1, low income, or in rural areas which do not often receive assemblies of this kind. Performances may also be available for middle schools, high schools, and senior communities or as educational components of community events upon approval.

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2017-2018 Discover Music Ensembles

• Brass Quintet
• String Quartet
• Percussion Trio
• Violin Duo


Feedback from participating groups is vital to the ongoing assessment of our education programs. Please fill out a Discover Music evaluation form here.

Discover Harp and Vibraphone at Echo Loder Elementary