Which orchestra should I audition for?

YSS is the introductory string ensemble and is a perfect start for players in grades 4-8 who have not played in our ensembles before. YCO is a mid-level ensemble that includes all orchestral instruments and is ideal for string players working in Suzuki Book 4 and up (or a method book of a similar level.) YSO is our top level ensemble and is best for more experienced players. YSO strings should be Suzuki Book 5 or above.

Am I automatically considered for all ensembles?

Yes. Please audition for the ensemble level you are best prepared for, since a poor audition for the top ensemble will only be frustrating both for you and the judges. Please check the boxes on the audition form to be considered for the ensembles you are interested in.

Do I need to audition again if I have played in RPYO before?

Everyone should fill out the online form for tracking purposes, but YSS players do not need to reaudition to return to YSS. We’ll just use your form submission to update your information. If a YSS player would like to move up to YCO, they do need to audition. YCO and YSO players reaudition each year, regardless of prior participation.

Is there an audition fee?

There is no audition fee for 2017-18. If you would like to support the youth programs financially beyond annual tuition, we welcome donations online here.