Store Parnerships

We have 3 partnerships with stores that give the RPYO a percentage of sales. This is a great, easy way to support the RPYO!

1) Amazon Smile

Go here to register the Phil as your organization to support Smile does not integrate with the Amazon app.

2) Save-Mart SHARES

You need a card for this program and can be picked up in the Phil office. Just swipe your card before you pay.

3) Raley’s Extra Credit

If you’re not already signed up for “Something Extra”
• You can register with your phone number and not have a card at all
• Go to
• Once enrolled, visit
• Click on the green “Get Started” button

If you are already signed up for “Something Extra”,
• Go to
• Sign in on the right hand side of the page
• Click on “Manage Your Account” on the right hand side of page
• Click on “Extra Credit” on the right hand side of page
• Select “Reno Philharmonic Association”

Swipe your Raley’s card or enter your number when you shop